Clean Air Equipments Used in Different Industries!

Axiva Sichem Biotech offering a wide range of clean air systems precisely based on the requirements of industrial sectors. Since from the inception of clean air systems we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of clean air equipments (laminar flow cabinets, biosafety cabinets) which are used in laboratory. These equipments are beads on most advanced technology and gives result the best with 100% clean air for fulfilling all types of industrial needs. These systems enabled with bacterial removal and providing complete clean air which allows to perform various testing’s without having any affecting factors through the air pollution.

With our 24 by 7 supporting technicians can able to resolve the installation or maintenance issues during the period of running air cleaning systems in different industries.

Air Curtains

Air entryways and shades are minimal effort answers for keeping up the temperature, be it cool or hot. Thinking about the higher temperature in different parts of our …

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Important things To Know for Selecting the Right Pipette for Your Lab!

Choosing the right pipette for the needs of laboratory testing’s and usage is really important. A proper pipette will give accurate fluids to pour into the types of equipment uses for testing purpose. There is a wide range of products available in different variants and specifications, based on the requirement and how exact the accuracy required is the most important to consider at the time of choosing the pipette.

Let's have a detailing about the considerations to check before proceeding with the pipette selection which is available in the market. 

Analyze the process and requirement: Based on the type of test to perform and what are the basic analyzing to take place in that is more important. Type of sample collection and frequency of sampling is also involved in the process. The other specifications like,

Air Displacement
: In standard applications of pipetting the air displacement through pipette will give the complete high level of accuracy than others. It carries certain volume…

What is Syringe Filters? What is the Importance and Application!

Syringe filter is a one-time usage cartridge. It basically designed to attach the end of a syringe to use, syringe filters have a Luer locking system to fit perfectly with the syringe. This fitting system may vary universally.  The usage of the needle is purely optional, based on the requirement it can fix with Syringe which is having Assurance filter.

Usually, syringe filters consists of a plastic housing with a membrane usually act as a filter.  This membrane filters main work as a purifier, maybe for a clean liquid to draw through the filter die forcing the liquid to pass through the membrane filter. 

 The most common membrane syringe filters size ranges from 0.2 or 0.22 µm.  Another size used is 0.45 µm. This size Ranges are enough for providing a good amount of results, especially in HPLC use. The smallest size micro filters used in the sterile syringe having the size of 0.02 µm. The membrane filter diameter of 10 mm, 30 mm and 25 mm are the most commonly used sizes. This syring…