Performance Criteria for Biosafety Cabinet

The European Standard specified basic requirements for Biosafety Cabinets with respect to safety and hygiene. The European Standard sets the minimum performance criteria for safety cabinets for work with microorganism and specifies test procedures for microbiological safety cabinets with respect to protection of the worker and the environment, product protection and cross contamination. The terms Biosafety Cabinet should only be applied to those devices that meet the requirements of Class I, II, or III specifications, based on their construction, airflow velocities and patterns, and their exhaust systems.    Major International Standards for Biological Safety Cabinets: • European Standard EN 12469                                             • American Standard NSF 49 • Australian Standard AS 2252                                              • Japanese Standard J IS K 3800 Features CLASS I CLASS II TYPE A1 CLASS II TYPE A2 CL

How to Filter Viscous / Turbid Solution?

Filters for difficult to filter turbid solutions, viscous samples and coloured solutions – Multi layered Syringe filters are highly recommended for these samples: Specially designed syringe filters with multi layered pre-filtration for graded retention of colloidal particles associated with highly turbid solutions, viscous samples and coloured solutions. ·          HPLC Certified ·          Glass Fibre which is 100 % borosilicate used for pre-filtration ·          Final filtration with different media as per the application ·          Micron Rating may be 0.2 and 0.45 ┬Ám Axiva Multi Layered H ydrophilic PTFE syringe filters offer chemical inertness v   With very high through put for difficult to filter solutions i.e. Derma samples, ointments, creams, nasal samples, opa dry blue etc. v   Very high retention efficiency for colloidal fines v   Minimal hand pressure / back pressure Order No. Cat. No. Diameter Micron Rating PTFE

Top Ten Tips for Working in a Biological Safety Cabinet!

Test tainting can mean the loss of both valuable materials and time. This is the reason appropriate method is essential in all means of test taking care of starting with the time spent in "the hood". This is on the grounds that great system when working inside a Class II Type Biological Safety Cabinet will limit air choppiness and forestall splatter or undesirable spread of pressurized canned products. Here are a few hints for good procedure that will expand potential insurance of faculty, test, and condition.  1 - Know your wind current  Natural Safety Cabinets give work force, item, and ecological assurance using HEPA-sifted air. Knowing how the air is gone through the bureau is a basic bit of the riddle to guarantee that great method is reliably utilized.  2 - Work at the best possible band level  A certifier estimates velocity at any rate yearly to test for appropriate wind currents and give a blessing that the bureau is completely operational to give fa

Everything You Needed to Know About Shaking Incubators!

A Incubator shaker is required hardware for all labs that are occupied with biomedical or natural research. Frequently additionally called shaking Incubators or natural shakers, they consolidate the elements of shakers and Incubators into a solitary incorporated unit. These units have discovered uses in various applications in investigating in the fields of prescription, science, drug store and ecological insurance. There are a large group of utilizations where Incubators shakers are utilized including hybridization, germ culture, research of biochemical responses, protein and cell tissues. The most widely recognized use of an Incubators shaker is for the development of bacterial culture and different applications requiring both high temperature and swaying recurrence. These natural or brooding shakers are frequently utilized for cell refined, cell air circulation and dissolvability consider. Different applications incorporate microbiology, bacteriology and digestion inquire abou

Clean Air Equipments Used in Different Industries!

Axiva Sichem Biotech offering a wide range of clean air systems precisely based on the requirements of industrial sectors. Since from the inception of clean air systems we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of clean air equipments (laminar flow cabinets, biosafety cabinets) which are used in laboratory. These equipments are beads on most advanced technology and gives result the best with 100% clean air for fulfilling all types of industrial needs. These systems enabled with bacterial removal and providing complete clean air which allows to perform various testing’s without having any affecting factors through the air pollution. With our 24 by 7 supporting technicians can able to resolve the installation or maintenance issues during the period of running air cleaning systems in different industries. Air Curtains Air entryways and shades are minimal effort answers for keeping up the temperature, be it cool or hot. Thinking about the higher temperature in different parts of ou

Find Low Cost Glassware and Plasticware Products!

Lab items, for example, AXIVA - BEAKERS- TALL FORM, WITH SPOUT, GRADUATED AXIVA TOUFF, and plasticware, fluid taking care of and apportioning apparatuses, culture plates and measuring instruments have come a dreadfully long path over the most recent few decades alone and enhance with each passing year. The instruments, apparatuses and adornments utilized around the lab are made utilizing more refined assembling forms, from better materials and with progressively propelled outline. Basically, the most up to date ages of the lab fundamentals make the lives of researchers, clinical scientists and other lab faculty less demanding.  Glass and plastic things, for example, graduated chambers, t est tubes , test compartments and culture plates are currently made with cutting edge, non-receptive and synthetically or organically inactive materials to guarantee dependable and reproducible outcomes in the clinical and research lab setting. Not exclusively are these more current lab ite